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By author: John Germanowski

New Online Course Catalog

This year we have a new online course catalog that is much easier to use and search than the previous one. Currently only Fall and Spring classes are listed, but Winter Study classes will be added in the next version.

The catalog has four levels of navigation:

  • The home page lists all subjects and programs and can drill down to department-level pages, or search for specific classes. Links to the Registrar’s Office page, PeopleSoft sign in, and course catalog archives appear on this and every level of the catalog.
  • The department pages offer a description in PDF format that mimics the old printed catalog. This is provided for those who still want to print certain sections of the catalog. Students can see courses offered for Fall and Spring Semesters. Courses not offered this year list the last time the course was offered along with its description.
  • The third level is a search results page listing whatever courses meet search criteria entered. Courses can be searched in many different ways including divisional requirements, text search , class times, course types and instructor name. Do you want a Division III course that satisfies the Writing Intensive degree requirement? Looking for all Division I classes that satisfies the Exploring Diversity requirement? Want to see all tutorials offered? What about all classes that have the word ‘Afghanistan’ in the description? All this can be done via search.
  • The lowest level is the individual class description including full details on the course such as cross listings, prerequisites, lab fees, requirements, evaluation criteria, etc.
Search options on the new catalog

Search options

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