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By author: Jim Lillie

Equipment Loan Center Relocated

As you may or may not know, the Equipment Loan Center has, for obvious reasons, moved out of the Stetson basement, and temporarily relocated to the Dodd Annex building. That’s “E-2” on your handy Williams campus map. We should be in this location for approximately three years, or possibly less depending on the completion date of the new facility. Other than being slightly farther away from some of you, there should be no noticeable differences in the services that we offer.

One important thing to note; We will no longer offer an alternate drop off point for equipment; it must be dropped off in the new office. Due to staff meetings, and general unforeseeable office closures, it would be advisable to contact us via phone before heading out, to be sure that we are physically in the office before returning or picking up equipment.

We had 223 categories of items to move, some categories having up to ten items each. Fortunately most of the items are fairly compact, and it took about four days to move the entire office over to the new location. We will probably be tweaking the environment for several weeks to get things streamlined, but this process shouldn’t affect daily operations. We were open for business pretty much the entire time, with a brief period of about two hours during the office computer move. Please feel free to contact us for clarification on this relocation at: or x4091

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