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By author: Terri-Lynn Hurley

Smartphone Calendar Syncing

In July, the Office of Information Technology upgraded our calendar program, Meeting Maker. The previous version of Meeting Maker allowed people with Palm based PDAs and smartphones to access their calendar using conduits through a wired connection.  PeopleCube, the developers of Meeting Maker, dropped support of these conduits in December 2006. We had to explore a new way of syncing portable devices with the new version of Meeting Maker.  PeopleCube recommended third party software called NotifyLink to take over synchronization using the smartphone’s cell connection.  After testing NotifyLink within OIT, we decided to move forward with this software.   

NotifyLink makes syncing your mobile calendar easy.

iPhone calendar

NotifyLink is an industry leader in wireless push technology.  It allows supported smartphones (Treo, Centro, Blackberry, iPhone & Windows Mobile devices) with data plans to set up a connection to Meeting Maker and will automatically synchronize the device to the server and vice versa at given intervals. The use of NotifyLink allows us to provide calendar support for more smartphones.

NotifyLink will also allow devices to take advantage of full IMAP email clients.  Certain devices were using purchased IMAP email clients but NotifyLink allows all of these devices to use email as though you were sitting at your desk.  You will have access to all of your IMAP folders and can use the same push technology where you don’t have to retrieve your email; it will be delivered at pre-determined intervals.  Blackberry users will not have to setup up their accounts through the Blackberry website; they will connect to our email server to retrieve their email. 

In the age of information security, NotifyLink offers protection if your device is lost or stolen.  As an administrator, I can erase all data from your phone once it connects over the air. 

The deployment of NotifyLink has been going very smoothly.  Clients are reporting satisfaction with the ease of use and the ability to maintain their Meeting Maker calendar remotely.  If you have any questions on NotifyLink, please feel free to contact me.