Where Have All the PCs Gone?
Gone to Good Causes Every One

Ever wonder what happens to the computers we remove from faculty and staff desks after 3 years? The all-campus Information Technology Committee worked with OIT to determine a hierarchy for reallocating them.

“Trickle” computers are first used for a variety of purposes on campus. In general, trickle requests for the following summer/fall should be made in January along with the other budget related requests. Highest priority is given to:

  • Extra stations in administrative offices or academic 1. departments for temps or student workers
  • Extra uses in Faculty research labs 2.
  • Conference Office summer use3.
  • Emeritus faculty offices on campus4.
  • Official student organizations 5.

Any computers left after on-campus needs have been filled are donated to local schools and other charities. We will fill as many requests as possible, but we may not be able to satisfy every request. We collect requests all year. Donations occur at times of year when we have inventory and when OIT staff have time to prepare the computers and coordinate with the recipients. Priority to external donations is given to:

  • Public schools in surrounding towns6.
  • Other public schools in Berkshire County or 7. southern Vermont
  • College related education programs elsewhere8.
  • Local organizations9.
  • Other organizations that are not local 10.

The computers must be used by the schools or organizations. In no circumstances do we give computers to individuals, even through organizations.

Requests for donations go through Cheryl Brewer in OIT.
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