From The C.T.O. (Fall 2008)

Dinny Taylor Welcome back to campus! We at OIT have been working hard this summer to improve our services and upgrade software for the upcoming academic year. Students and applicants will find additional self-service in PeopleSoft. Computer labs and media studios have been updated to provide you with most any software required for classes. We are setting up virtual servers and experimenting with the next level of wireless routers.

Final tweaks and additional hardware for the new email system that were put in last May should end the slow email problems that plagued us last year and the system speed should now be what we expected from the vendor when we purchased the application.

Desktop Systems staff worked extra hard to get all new computers for faculty and staff delivered by August 1st so they could concentrate on the 190 faculty who moved into the new North and South Academic buildings during the month of August and still be ready for first-days when first-year students arrived on campus.

The plans for the Center for Media Initiative (CMI) in the new Sawyer are becoming real as we spend time examining architectural drawings for details, planning for millwork and thinking about furniture. We are excited about the new home for about a quarter of our staff and the space it will provide for faculty, staff and students to think creatively and express themselves using multi-media. (See the article elsewhere in this issue.) In the mean time we look forward to having some experimental furniture for students to try out in a few of the rooms on the second floor of Jesup. Come give Jesup 204 a try and let us know what you think!

We encourage each of you to try something new with technology this year. Call us for help at 4090 (faculty and staff) or 3088 (students) and we will be happy to help you. If you want to incorporate a new piece of technology into your teaching, contact your instructional technology liaison. We look forward to working with you this year!

Dinny S. Taylor
Chief Technology Officer

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