Goodbye To The Marx Brothers

Back when Bob Ouellette had hair and none of our students was born yet, the college bought VAX machines from Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). The VAXen were christened Zeppo and Harpo with Chico the connecting controller between them. Bob Ouellette and Dinny Taylor were the primary programmers back then who put in the first administrative information systems from Information Associates (IA). Over the years the VAXen became Alphas. DEC was bought by HP and disappeared. IA was bought by SCT and disappeared. Chico was no longer needed and Harpo bit the dust when Alumni Relations moved to its new system a few years ago. But Zeppo survived and chugged on faithfully, running the remnants of the IA/SCT systems as the college moved to PeopleSoft. Finally, everything was converted to something newer.

On May 1st it was a sad day for the old-timers who finally said good bye to Zeppo at an OIT gathering in Jesup Hall. The last of the Marx brothers was truly gone.

May Zeppo rest in peace. Thanks for the memories..

Bob & Dinny say farewell

Bob & Dinny

Bob gets his last fix from Zeppo

Bob w/ I.V.

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