Mount Greylock High

In our last edition, Dinny Taylor wrote about the various fates of older “trickle” computers- one of which is donation to local schools. In this edition, we’re briefly following up on one of those schools- Mt. Greylock Regional High. Many people are unaware of the depth of the relationship that the College has with this school. While children of Williams faculty and staff attend other schools in the region, Mt. Greylock is the primary public high school for Williamstown, and roughly 90 students at the school have a parent affiliated with Williams. As such, Williams has a vested interest in the quality of education provided, and has created the Williams Center at Mt. Greylock “to maximize the academic value the College can provide the school.”

I met with Kaatje White, the Coordinator of the Center, who told me about a variety of projects that Williams is involved with to achieve this goal. One is a year-long writing intensive English class taken by all 9th graders. Williams provides a trained student Writing Fellow for each section of the class, who critiques drafts and supports the class in various ways. Williams also has provided support for curriculum development and new texts for this class. This has allowed Mt. Greylock to focus its resources on keeping class sizes small.

The Center arranges and provides transportation for Williams students to tutor Greylock students, and brings Williams professors and special performances to the high school. Recently James McAllister spoke about Presidential Elections, and Ken Kuttner addressed an assembly on the economic crisis. Two dance workshops with the Jose Limon Dance Company were held in collaboration with the ’62 Center. In addition, Greylock students are invited to our campus for classes, science labs, library access, speakers, life drawing, and other opportunities which are rare to find in public high schools.

Williams also provides infrastructural support where it can. In addition to providing computers that the school could not otherwise afford, furniture left in Stetson and in other buildings has been donated to the school over the years.

For more information about the Williams Center at Mt. Greylock, visit and select ‘Williams Center’ from the navigation on the left. To get involved, contact Kaatje White at

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