Microsoft Office 2007/2008

With the New Year comes a new software package for the Williams community- Microsoft Office 2007 for PCs, and Office 2008 for Macs. The new Office products have a different user interface, but retain all the features of previous versions, plus some new features to help make computing easier. At first glance, Office 2007 & 2008 applications may seem challenging to get accustomed to, but testing has shown that they are much easier to use than previous versions, once the new layout of the software is learned. The main difference is that the new interface uses tabbed menus rather than drop-down menus, which allow you to see more formatting options at one time. Office 2007 & 2008 will most likely be deployed on new computers this spring or summer. In the meantime, the software is available for download by faculty and staff on our software site, or on disc at the Equipment Loan Center (x4091). We encourage anyone who would like to try the software to install it on their computer, and attend any workshops that are available for the software.

In Word 2003, you accessed tools using pulldown menus:

Microsoft Word 2003 screenshot

In Word 2007, the pulldown menus have been converted into tabs:

Microsoft Word 2007 screenshot

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