Student Hiring Streamlined

Since early August, supervisors of student workers have begun using a new online service which lets them hire students on their own.  The new process eliminates the need for much of the back-and-forth communication required in the past between supervisors, students, the Office of Financial Aid and the Office of Human Resources.

The Williams Employment service is incorporated into the PeopleSoft HR/Student system. After a detailed review of their particular student employment requirements by Human Resources and Financial Aid staff, each student supervisor is trained and then given access to the new service.  After that, hiring a student is as simple as choosing a department, a position, a start date, a student, and a cost center.  Given the large number of departments which employ students, it will take some time to introduce all of the student supervisors to the service, but as of now, 19 departments have started using the new hiring process.

Supervisors can see a complete list of their department’s active student employees at any time.  The new service also includes campus employment-related information for students, including the ability to enter information about their non-Williams job experience, and view pay checks online.

 This new service was designed by a team composed of staff from Human Resources (Rosemary Moore and Rich Davis), Financial Aid (Betsy Hobson and Candace Marlow) and OIT (Criss Laidlaw).  PeopleSoft HR consultant Andy Beecham helped with the initial design and development.  Many student supervisors have provided advice, feedback and encouragement along the way. 

Joanne Irace, Happy Supervisor

One Happy Supervisor (Joanne Irace)

“I am very excited about this new online service for student employment! For the first time, supervisors will have immediate access to information necessary to hire students. This service will save us time and make it much easier for all parties involved.”

– Joanne Irace

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