Electronic Classroom Updates

With nearly 100% of classrooms now equipped with standard electronic presentation equipment, Instructional Technology/Media Services has embarked upon an aggressive program to refresh and upgrade existing equipment.

The heart of the presentation systems in all classrooms is the Extron System7 controller. This push button device is straightforward and simple to use. In the Spring we identified a number of these devices that, due to condition or age, were in need of replacement.

Ceiling mounted projectors see a lot of use during the school year. At any given time you may see PowerPoint presentations, web based resources, and videos displayed on the screen in classrooms all across campus. We identified projectors that were in need of replacement and installed newer brighter models.

In addition to replacing these components, we also worked with an outside audio visual contractor to completely refurbish the teaching stations/equipment racks in approximately 20 electronic classrooms. This process included checking lamp hours and filters on all projectors, improving cable management, simplifying audio amplification schemes, cleaning System7 controllers inside and out, and vacuuming teaching stations and equipment rack interiors. After this maintenance is completed, the entire system is then tested to assure proper function.

We hope that this scheme results in our classrooms continuing to be reliable places for presenting teaching materials. If you have any questions about this, or electronic classrooms in general please contact Media Services at x2112.

New classroom equipment to be deployed

Boxes of new classroom equipment

Steve Amann fixing a classroom projector

Steve Amann fixing a projector

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