WordPress Makes Websites Easy

WordPress is a free, open source tool that OIT uses to publish and maintain websites and blogs, including the one you’re looking at right now. We’ve found it excellent for small scale websites such as College departments and organizations.

People like being able to update their site without having to know HTML, and being able to make their changes through a web interface – there’s no fussing with local copies and file transfers, nor worrying about files getting out of sync. Web developers (i.e. code monkeys like me) enjoy the well documented, easy to use API, and being able completely control the look and layout of the site. Another great feature of WordPress is that you don’t need a web developer to get an attractive and functional site – there are hundreds of beautiful, free, pre-built themes available that can radically change the way your site looks and behaves, without affecting the content. With a just few clicks and no coding at all, you can change your site between these skins:

Themes Screenshot

While WordPress has extensive support for blogging, having a blog on your WordPress site is completely optional. It works very well as a lightweight content management system for any type of website.

To get a better idea of what WordPress can do, you can visit Williams’ sites that were developed using it:

Some other cool WordPress features:

  • Statistics that can tell you about your site’s traffic & visitors
  • Photo galleries
  • Multi-level user permissions that can control who can edit what
  • Forum-like commenting with automatic spam filtering
  • Web forms

If you’d like to find out more about WordPress, contact your Instructional Technology Liaison.

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