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Center for Media Initiatives

The Center for Media Initiatives (CMI) in the new Stetson/Sawyer will be a new hub of creative activity run by about one quarter of the Office for Information Technology (OIT) staff. From their new home on the north side of campus OIT staff from both Desktop Systems and Instructional Technology will provide multiple levels of support from solving basic problems to complex multi-media production. We are very excited by this opportunity to provide better services in an attractive and convenient new facility. More on the CMI.

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Jesup Gets a New Face

The front of Jesup hall is undergoing renovations, and is scheduled to re-open near the end of September. The improvements will include…

  • Accessibility: a lift will be available from the parking┬álevel to allow wheelchair access.
  • Safety: a roof has been added over the entrance to shield people from falling snow and ice, which was previously a problem. It will also keep you dry if you need to fish out your ID card in bad weather.
  • Aesthetics: the new facade reverts Jesup closer to its 1910 design, which will integrate it better visually with the rest of the Science Quad.